Corporate Training Online Pte Ltd is registered in Singapore and provides online courses to train the employees of companies based in Singapore.

In keeping with our slogan, Training at your convenience, our mission is to make available various types of corporate training at a faster, convenient and cheaper rate, as well as ensuring that all the processes involved are productive for planners and end-users through our online platform.

Technology aside, what makes us stand out is the approach we adopt in being selective with our courses. We only offer courses that are essential to the business operations. All our courses are carefully selected to ensure they instil beneficial skills and knowledge in the employees that will enhance the performance of their respective companies.

In terms of content, we expend every effort to create easy-to-understand materials with appropriate explanations and the use of hypothetical scenarios to allow each individual to understand the practical application of the knowledge rather than just focus on attaining the knowledge. Our materials are well researched and all information is accurate and updated in line with the prevailing legislations and regulations of the day.

We have every intention to create value for business leaders and HR departments to ensure that all their employees are well trained and well informed of areas that are relevant to their work performance.

We aim to become the preferred online provider of corporate training in Singapore.